Dhamma Spread

Buddhism and Vipassana Meditation

Pra Apichato died on Nov. 21, 2014, at 69, while on pilgrimage to his home temple,
Wat Boonsri Muneegorn, Krungthep (The Vipassana Ajarns' Training Centre of Thailand).
Born in Yorkshire, England, he ordained in the Thai Forest Sangha in the 1970s, never returning to the West.
Upon his Ajarn's request, he founded Dhamma Spread Japan around 1985, staying 23 years.
He has lived at Dipaduttamarama Monastery in Sri Lanka since 2009.


2557 (2014)

Modern Science is not a Refuge   The True Refuge

No Mindfulness without Wisdom

The Four Types of Mind


The Great Creator

The Journey

Dependent Origination


The Muni Legacy

2555 (2012)

    Metaphysics      Dukkha      The Cause of Dukkha      The Cessation of Dukkha

The Path that Leads to the Cessation of Dukkha 

                                  Influences on Buddhism                                    



Beyond Everything Else

2553 (2010)

The Sixth Element   Unwritten Knowledge   Practice Economics

Things you Wanted to Ask but were Afraid to Know

Buddhism and Society   Refuge

Beyond Everything Else


The Key

2551 (2008)

This Life   The Essence of Nature   Finding the Right Path  

The Basic Method of Vipassana Meditation

Vipassana (Path Knowledges)   Seeing the World   Seeing the Mind


Thai Puzzle Dhamma

Two Kinds of Knowledge

Earlier Publications


More than a Fleeting Glimpse of the Elephant

2548-9 (2005-6)

Samsara    Knowledge    Delusion    The Path to Nowhere

Language    Another Buddhism    Practice Notes

Vipassana: Skillful Means    Saturday Night in the Desert   

Mind     Mind and Body    The Breath    Awareness   

Sexuality    Getting Back to Normal

 Karma    One Thousand Days    Internal Study    Jhana

Overcoming Fear and Anxiety    Samadhi and Anuloma

The Source Ajarn    Buddhism    Vipassana Strategy